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Episode 0 - SA Tech Dad Show

I finally got to start something I’ve been hoping to do for quite some time now. My good friend Drew Cox cohosts a weekly video podcast with me. We really enjoy the format, and have been very helpful to many of our customers at work. But we also have interests outside of work, namely our families, nerdy technology things, and the delicious food and beverages that can be found here in San Antonio.

1 Oct 2015 #San Antonio #restaurants #games #books

Hangout Setup

I’ve been hosting and participating in additional hangouts lately. It’s something I really enjoy, and I love that my job not just lets me, but encourages me to participate in them. I was recently asked to share the tools I use to produce the hangouts, so I thought I’d enumerate them here. Getting ready for a recent #CMGRHangout, most of my equipment on display. Audio Let’s start with Audio equipment. I had the opportunity to interview Robert Scoble, and he was gracious enough to stick around for a few minutes afterward and chat about improving production value.

13 Sep 2015

Batting Practice with Marshall

Over the weekend my almost 5 year old son and I had a guys day. We had flapjacks for breakfast, went to the coffee shop, and ate at our favorite restaurant, and read some books together. But our favorite part of the day was hitting up the batting cages for to hit some balls. Marshall has always loved baseball. He gets home from school, and asks to go right outside and start playing.

24 Mar 2015

Unbreaking Email - 6 weeks later

The last thing I did at work last year was to delete all of the mail from my inbox. Don’t worry, I took a backup, first, but I wanted to try something new with email. The day before, I read a wonderful blog post by my colleague Cody Bunch on how he planned to “unbreak email in 2015.” by using a simple set of rules. I liked the simplicity, and decided to give his system a try.

15 Feb 2015

The problem with reply all

Here’s the problem with email: You can’t opt in and you can’t opt out. Once someone decides that you need to be included in an email conversation, you’re in until someone else (lots of someones, usually) decide to remove you from the thread. Until then, you’re stuck getting every single reply, even those that provide absolutely no benefit to anyone - “+Bob from accounting;” “Let me get back to you on that;” “Congrats!” One email convention is responsible for all of this - “reply all.” reply all certainly makes sense for a variety of scenarios - all of which involve the sender being aware of the vital recipients of the email.

4 Feb 2015

WordPress Hangout

I really enjoyed hosting yesterday’s WordPress themed Office Hours Hangout. We had some great guests and a great discussion. I’m looking forward to hearing everyone speak this weekend at WordCamp San Antonio. If you’re there, look me up! Hosts Alan Bush - @AlanBush Drew Cox - @DrewCoxSA Guests Steven Villarreal - CloudU Learning Strategist Garrett Heath - @pinojo - Rackspace Social Media Marketer Anthony Burchell - @TheWPressGuy Table of Contents

23 Jan 2015