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SungWoo Lee Is Not A Lucky Charm, He's a Fan

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If you're looking at SungWoo Lee and only seeing a "Good Luck Charm," you're doing it wrong.

If you don't know who SungWoo Lee is, take a minute to read his story. (Rany Jazayerli has a perfect recap.) SungWoo Lee isn't a magical ...

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Billy Butler Stole a Base

So this happened. Crazy world we live in. Crazy world.

yaketyfied via YaketyLapse, a silly idea from H. Wade Minter.

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World Series

I was five years old when the Royals were last in the World Series. This year, they're back again. Unlike other teams shutout from the World Series, the Royals haven't even been to the postseason in 29 years. The won the title in 1985, and then went into ...

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Minimizing the Impact of a Cloud Server Reboot

Last week at work, we had to reboot almost all of our Cloud servers. In anticipation of the reboots, my colleague Alison Oster and I wrote the following article for our customers. I think the advice is valid, regardless of where you host, so I'm reposting it here, and ...

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Yes And Development

A twitter joke and an improv "yes and" leads to an app two days later.

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Becoming a Community Manager

Next week I transition to my second job at Rackspace, a Technical Community Manager. I'm very excited, since this role will allow me to spend more of my time extending one-to-many support. I think that my strengths lie in expanding individual support interactions for broader consumption.

I'll be ...

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Getting Started With Redis Hangout

Every week I host a live video hangout series called Office Hours. We discuss a range of cloud computing topics, and invite guest experts in to share their experience. This past week I had the honor of chatting with three members of the Rackspace Data Stores team about Redis.

Highlights ...

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