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SungWoo Lee Is Not A Lucky Charm, He's a Fan

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If you're looking at SungWoo Lee and only seeing a "Good Luck Charm," you're doing it wrong.

If you don't know who SungWoo Lee is, take a minute to read his story. (Rany Jazayerli has a perfect recap.) SungWoo Lee isn't a magical ...

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Billy Butler Stole a Base

So this happened. Crazy world we live in. Crazy world.

yaketyfied via YaketyLapse, a silly idea from H. Wade Minter.

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Minimizing the Impact of a Cloud Server Reboot

Last week at work, we had to reboot almost all of our Cloud servers. In anticipation of the reboots, my colleague Alison Oster and I wrote the following article for our customers. I think the advice is valid, regardless of where you host, so I'm reposting it here, and ...

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Yes And Development

A twitter joke and an improv "yes and" leads to an app two days later.

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Becoming a Community Manager

Next week I transition to my second job at Rackspace, a Technical Community Manager. I'm very excited, since this role will allow me to spend more of my time extending one-to-many support. I think that my strengths lie in expanding individual support interactions for broader consumption.

I'll be ...

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Getting Started With Redis Hangout

Every week I host a live video hangout series called Office Hours. We discuss a range of cloud computing topics, and invite guest experts in to share their experience. This past week I had the honor of chatting with three members of the Rackspace Data Stores team about Redis.

Highlights ...

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Making Assumptions about my Fellow Passengers

Editorial Note: I wrote this in June of 2012, while waiting on a delayed flight in the Phoenix airport. I wish I had written more of these.

Since I have once again been delayed on my flight, I thought I would pass the time by imagining the back story for ...

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